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Custom Web Development For A Powerful Online Presence

The Internet has grown far beyond the scope of what anybody could have ever imagined. Success depends on a strong web presence, and increasingly, it calls for more than just a static billboard site. There are plenty of very easy, WYSIWYG web development tools available at low cost, which are remarkably easy to learn. Most of them even include templates, which give you a good starting place and the ability to actually create a decent-looking site in under an hour.

Those tools however, are useful mainly for smaller, static sites. They may be a good place to start, but once your business starts to grow, you will need to incorporate functionality onto your web site, dynamic pages that change based on reader interest, response blocks, and interactive pages such as forums and blogs. In some cases, especially if you’re running an e-commerce site, you will also want to tie your site into your back-end applications to give your visitors real-time information on things like product availability.

Customer-facing sites may include web-based CRM apps, giving visitors the ability to access a personal customer portal with their individual account information. Those things can’t be done with the over-the-counter website generators, and you’ll need custom web development services. This is what distinguishes web development from web design. While both practices are important, web development helps to distinguish your site by offering a wealth of additional online services and adding a higher level of interactivity and customization to your website.

The custom web development process starts like any other development project, and that is with a needs analysis. You may well have a good idea of what you want your site to accomplish, but take the time to do a more formalized study. Gather information from your clients and visitors to determine more precisely what they need and want, and also gather information from your back-end stakeholders to find out precisely what sort of information you need to gather.

Talk to your marketing people to determine what type of information you want to serve. Equipped with this level of detail, your web developer will have a better understanding of your needs from a business perspective, as opposed to just a programming perspective. Let your web developer understand why you need what you need, instead of just providing an RFP with a list of requirements.

Of course, the web development goes hand-in-hand with web design. Although often accomplished by two separate parties, or even two separate provider companies, the web design is what keeps people on the site and interacting with those features the developer put there. The final element of course, is the content writing-a vital component which keeps your visitors’ interest and encourages return visits.

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